HendricksGO! 医疗运输太阳城集团官网导航

HendricksGO! provides shared-ride transportation to medical and wellness appointments. The program is a partnership between 太阳城集团官网导航中心 and 亨德里克斯县老年太阳城集团官网导航中心 for the benefit of patients served by 太阳城集团官网导航中心 Facilities.



游乐设施最多可以提前四周安排. 要预约,请打电话 (317) 718-4476 周一至周五,上午8点至下午4点. 车辆是轮椅无障碍的.

HendricksGO! 医疗运输车

在工作时间,经常检查语音信箱. 打电话预约乘车时请留言. You will receive a phone call to confirm that your ride is scheduled.

You will need to provide the following information to schedule a ride:

  • 您的姓名、出生日期、地址和电话号码;
  • 您需要前往的设施名称和地址;
  • 是否有太阳城集团官网导航员陪你;
  • Time you need to be at your destination; and
  • 你需要从目的地被接走的时间.


Fare is $5 per person whether you schedule a one-way or round trip. The fare must be paid at the time of pick-up (cash or check). 司机不能找钱.

A monthly pass is available for $25 and includes unlimited scheduled medical trips (based on availability). 儿童必须由成人陪同. 陪同乘客的随从不收费.


太阳城集团官网导航时间为星期一至五上午八时至下午五时. HendricksGO! 周末或节假日不营业吗.


请在预订时做好登机准备. The driver can wait only five minutes past your pick-up time. 司机会在路边或车道上等候. 司机是不允许进入你家的. Upon request, the driver will assist (escort) you from the main entrance door of the pick up location to the main entrance door of the destination.

如果亨德里克斯走了! vehicle has not arrived after 15 minutes from your scheduled pick up time, call (317) 718-4476. 司机会让你系好安全带. If you are in a wheelchair or three-wheeled mobility device, it will need to be secured in order to prevent movement while the vehicle is in operation.

Eating, drinking, smoking, and using smokeless tobacco products is prohibited in the van.


HendricksGO! 回程时可以在药店停一站. Your prescription(s) must be ready at the time of the pharmacy stop. 当您打电话预订时, please let us know if you will require a pharmacy stop on your return trip and the location of your pharmacy. We will accommodate unscheduled pharmacy stops if there is time in the schedule.


Infants and children who are four or younger and weighing less than 40 pounds must be in an approved child safety seat while being transported (an approved seat is one that meets federal safety standards). The child safety seat will be secured in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. The passenger must furnish the child restraint system and secure it; drivers are not permitted to secure the child restraint system.


If your plans change and you no longer need your ride, please call (317) 718-4476 to cancel your reservation as soon as possible, or at least two hours prior to pick-up. Please leave a message if voicemail picks up during regular business hours. 经常检查语音信箱.

It is the rider's responsibility to contact their medical provider if their appointment needs cancelled. Calling to cancel a ride does not cancel the medical appointment.

A "No Show" is when a driver arrives for a scheduled pick-up and you do not show up within the five-minute wait time, 或者你在门口取消. Passengers with a "No Show" will be required to pay for the trip before any future rides can be provided.

You will be charged as a "No Show" if you cancel your ride less than one hour before the scheduled pick-up. Three "No Shows" within a 60-day period will result in a 30-day suspension from HendricksGO!. Suspensions will not be imposed for circumstances beyond a passenger's control, 比如个人紧急情况, 突发或恶化的疾病, 或者亨德里克斯go迟到了! vehicle.

在被停职的情况下, passengers will receive a letter that includes the dates of any cancellations along with an appeal form. 它还规定了暂停的开始日期. Passengers have 14 days after the date of the letter to appeal a suspension. If no appeal is made within 14 days, the suspension will begin on the date specified in the letter.

Excessive cancellations (six or more cancelled reservations in a 30-day period) will result in suspension from the service for a 30-day period.


允许使用呼吸器和便携式氧气设备. 单位必须是安全的.


A personal care attendant is welcome to accompany a passenger at no charge. To ensure adequate seating, inform us about the attendant when making your reservation.


Service animals are permitted to accompany passengers with disabilities. 宠物不得入内.


In order to ensure that the vehicle will be on time for other passengers, 司机不能随意停车. 因为HendricksGO! 是拼车太阳城集团官网导航吗, the driver may be picking up or dropping off other passengers before reaching your destination.

Traffic, severe weather or other unexpected conditions may cause delays in pick-up and dropoff times. Services may be cancelled in cases of severe weather/dangerous road conditions.

不允许吸烟. 提供的太阳城集团官网导航不分种族, color, 国家的起源, sex, 或者其他受保护阶层.


Passengers may be temporarily or permanently suspended from using HendricksGO! 如果他们从事不安全或虐待行为. Unsafe conduct is any act that creates the potential for injury or other risk to any passenger, 司机或公众. Abusive conduct is any disruptive or intrusive act toward any passenger, driver, 办公室职员或一般公众.



乘客可致电 (317) 718-4476 and ask to speak with the director of transportation if customer service expectations are not met. 我们也接受积极的改进意见. 本材料可按要求提供其他格式.


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