安排一个物理治疗评估. 不需要医生的推荐.





让伤病持续太久可能导致的不仅仅是不适. You can be setting yourself up for additional and potentially more severe injuries. Many patients put off being evaluated because they are worried they may need surgery. 在现实中, about 80 percent of musculoskeletal injuries respond well to much less invasive treatment and do not require surgery.

记住,疼痛不是生活中正常的一部分. 有许多有效的, 非侵入性治疗可以帮助你恢复活跃, 健康的生活. 你不应该忽视的症状:

  • 关节疼痛持续超过48小时
  • 活动后疼痛,休息后不能好转
  • 在某一点上的温柔
  • 肿胀
  • 活动范围有限
  • 弱点
  • 麻木或刺痛


Our physical therapy team specializes in helping patients recover from orthopedic and sports injuries, 以及关节炎等疾病, 中风和淋巴水肿. 我们也帮助病人在手术或关节置换术后恢复活动能力, and take pride in helping athletes improve physical performance and reduce injury during activity. 您可以在四个方便的地点找到我们获奖的团队.



丹维尔医院 (317) 745-3420
雅芳-基督教青年会 (317) 272-4186
所医院 (317) 858-9400
普莱恩菲尔德医疗中心 (317) 838-3434
绿 (765) 848-1421


克里斯 & 瑞安


骨科物理治疗的重点是帮助患者恢复活动能力, 稳定, 通过一系列的治疗来增强力量和功能,比如:

  • 关节活动,提高活动范围.
  • 增强力量和耐力的治疗性运动.
  • Bracing or taping to hold a part of the body stable and motionless to prevent pain and further injury.
  • Education about using heat and cold to manage pain and swelling, and other self-care strategies.


对于关节炎患者, 慢性疼痛和其他可能限制运动的疾病, 水疗法是一个很好的选择. 曾经中风的病人, 背部手术或关节置换术尤其有益, 因为水上运动可以减轻身体的压力. 太阳城集团官网导航中心在普莱恩菲尔德校区提供水生疗法, 它还提供私人治疗室和治疗池.


Our pediatric therapists focus on regaining skills lost to an illness or injury, 提高脑瘫儿童的功能技能, 自闭症谱系障碍, 或者其他发育迟缓. Physical therapy for children works to improve gross motor skills and muscle tone, 增加强度. 丹维尔有儿科物理治疗, 平原镇, 以及埃文的太阳城集团官网导航基督教青年会.



Our physical therapists offer lymphedema care at our 丹维尔 and Avon campuses. 我们的治疗重点是帮助减轻疼痛和肿胀, 可能还包括按摩, 练习和其他技巧.


Our physical therapy team includes certified wound specialists who take several effective treatment approaches to help prevent complications and speed healing. 治疗还可以帮助防止伤口复发.



The AlterG is an anti-gravity treadmill that uses differential air pressure technology to apply a lifting force to the body, 让使用者在锻炼时减轻关节的压力. 在AlterG中,高达80%的体重都可以“减重”. 雅芳基督教青年会提供这项太阳城集团官网导航. A single 45-minute session is $25, and a monthly membership (3x/week, 45-minute sessions) is $100. 拨打(317)272-4186太阳城集团官网导航信息,并设置一个10分钟的免费试用.


我们的团队使用Dartfish®软件进行视频分析, 美国全国广播公司在报道奥运会时也使用了同样的技术. Problems with running gaits, throwing motions, or golf and tennis swings can often lead to an injury. Physical therapists can better identify these concerns by videotaping patients during their sport or activity and providing instant feedback (including water sports). 然后,我们可以放慢回放速度,以便更好地分析患者的运动情况.



Augmented 软组织操作 is a non-invasive therapy technique that can achieve results quickly. 该疗法是根据深层组织按摩的原理设计的, targeting the scarring or inflammation of those soft tissue areas and helping the body heal. 对肌腱炎患者尤其有益, 腕管综合症, 扭伤, 菌株, 足底筋膜炎等软组织损伤.


Participants will work one-on-one with a licensed physical therapist in our program located in 平原镇, 哪个对关节或肌肉疼痛的高尔夫球手有益, players returning from surgery and those who simply want to improve their golf game. 课程费用为150美元,包括30分钟的录像评估, 外加三个30分钟的疗程. 详情请致电(317)838-3434.



在亨德里克斯地区医疗中心,我们相信你的潜力. 通常,患者会在手术前或手术后不久开始治疗太阳城集团官网导航. 我们提供全面康复太阳城集团官网导航, 骨科和运动医学太阳城集团官网导航,以满足我们的病人的需求. We take a team approach to educating patients before a procedure and throughout their recovery, 帮助他们回到追求激情的轨道上.



In 2013, Indiana passed a legal provision that lets patients be evaluated and treated by a licensed physical therapist without a doctor's referral. 简单地说, 您现在可以直接去我们的理疗师那里进行评估和治疗. 研究表明,, 对一些病人来说, receiving direct access physical therapy can help decrease costs while providing successful treatment outcomes. Giving patients direct access to physical therapy care can also remove barriers and allow treatment to begin sooner—which is imperative to the healing process.

太阳城集团官网导航中心 physical therapists are extensively trained in the evaluation, 各种骨科疾病的诊断和治疗. 开始治疗前, they carefully screen each and every patient to ensure that physical therapy is the most appropriate method of care. Our physical therapists work closely with a team of orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine physicians, 以及我们的初级保健医生网络. Staff communicate regularly with your doctor to keep them updated about your treatment. 重要的是要知道你的治疗师会把你推荐给内科医生, 你的初级保健医生或骨科/运动医学专家, 如果确定你的情况需要进一步评估.

To schedule your direct access evaluation with a member of our therapy staff, call (317) 745-3420 or 填写一个快速请求.


Your evaluation will take about an hour and will be performed by one of our experienced physical therapists. 这取决于你疼痛的性质, 我们的工作人员会为您安排一位专业的治疗师. 在你的评估访问期间, your therapist will review your medical history and begin building an individualized treatment plan with an in-depth discussion of your medical history. You also will have the opportunity to talk with your therapist about individualized rehabilitation goals. Together, you will develop a treatment plan tailored to help you achieve these goals.

你的治疗过程通常从那天开始. Most patients benefit from physical therapy treatment plans that include one-on-one therapy sessions, 治疗性运动, 教育和家庭计划的发展,以促进你的进步. 作为评估的一部分, you will be carefully screened to ensure that physical therapy is the most appropriate method of care. 如果他们确定你的病情需要进一步的评估或放射检查, they will consult with or refer you to one of our orthopedic or sports medicine physicians.

Follow-up physical therapy visits will be set at whatever time frame and frequency you and your therapist decide are appropriate. 平均, 随访时间为30-45分钟, 但是你的具体情况, treatment and plan of care will dictate how long the sessions will last and the number of visits needed. Constant reassessment by your therapist will determine what changes need to be made to your treatment progression. Physical therapists can continue your treatment program for 24 calendar days without a physician's order.

For additional information on what to expect during your physical therapy evaluation, visit our 常见问题页面 or 读一读我们过去病人的故事.


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