2023 Patient Safety Update

Hendricks Regional Health is committed to providing safe care and helping our patients become and stay healthy. Our mission is built around our dedication to exceptional healthcare. 质量 and safety are at the heart of this mission. This website section provides information on how we are doing with our quality and safety goals. It is meant to share a snapshot of our performance and steps we are taking to continuously improve.

Through our quality and safety program, we are committed to assessing risks; conducting periodic compliance audits; developing policies, 程序, and best practices; investigating and analyzing events that could cause harm to patients; and creating an environment of learning. Our program includes not just clinical results, but also patient experience measures. As an organization fully dedicated to safety, we are proud to have a dedicated Patient Safety Officer leading our improvement initiatives on a daily basis. 

质量 & 安全指标

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质量 & 安全赞誉

Hendricks is a proud recipient of numerous quality and safety accolades and achievements from third-party organizations.